Harry Potter Sites

1000 Ways : V/Hr - Livejournal community dedicated to bringing together at least a thousand ways to "love" the Viktor/Hermione pairing. The goals are 100 icons, 100 fanfics, etc. So get in there and start sharing or squeeing.

Artistic Alley - Post, view and review Harry Potter fanart.

Foreign Relations - A Viktor/Hermione site that should eventually be something of a gathering point for Viktor/Hermione shippers. It's only just begun, but there are plans for fanfiction, icons, art, message boards and other features.

StaniKrum Daily - A LiveJournal community for those who are devotees of the Bulgarian actor who portrayed Viktor Krum in movie version of Goblet of Fire, Stanislav Ianevski. Share pictures, writing and icons, or just ogle and drool.

Viktor Viktorious - Fans of the Bulgarian Seeker, of course, in a Yahoo group. Find others who share your enjoyment of a fine Wronski Feint, an exotic accent, and slightly grumpy looks. Members can gab it up, share or promote their own Viktor-related works, pass along their website updates, and we moderate the thing so you don't get slammed with weekly messages touting mortgage sites and Viagra. Join to get the Viktor-related goodies emailed to you or email out some of your own.

Viktor/Hermione LiveJournal Community - Fairly self-explanatory, I think. Share icons, fic recs, pictures, other fanworks and general shippiness.

General Sites

Albino Black Sheep - Weird, wacky and wonderful collection of Flash movies and games.

Cake Wrecks - Professionally-made cakes don't always look professionally made. From mangled inscriptions to moldy icing, Cake Wrecks highlights edible disasters in hilarious fashion.

The Chronicles Of George - We've all probably worked with someone like "George". If you work any sort of computer support, (guess what I do for a living!) you will probably find yourself nodding when you recognize something that hits close to home. If you don't, well, you'll laugh at the copious usage of the non-word "havening".

Craft Fail - A community blog dedicated to sharing our not-so-successful crafting attempts. We can all share a good laugh about those projects that don't go as planned.

Cunning Croft's LiveJournal - Beta Reader, Beta Tester, Quizmeister,and Fic Pimper extraordinaire. And an icon-producing machine. She makes many lovely icons that make you curse the LJ icon limit and force you to join forums you're not even interested in just so you can use the stuff she produces.

Cute Overload - Pictures of kitties, bunnies, puppies, and other cute anipals engaging in interspecies snorgling, snuggling in racks, leecking of one another. And a formalization of the Rules Of Cute and study of Cuteology. Guaranteed to make you feel better when you're having a bad day. Or even if you're not.

Easy Lunch Recipes - A great mix of restaurant taste-a-likes and just-like-Mama-used-to-makes. I've only scratched the surface and I've seen everything from Pad Thai to Sweet Potato Pie. I foresee myself visiting often. I'm pretty much certifiable when it comes to looking at, collecting, salivating over and trying new recipes. I blame my great-aunt and my mother, primarily, as I seem to have inherited it off of them. Luckily, I can hide my addiction by using the computer! Online recipe sites, the great enabler!

Homestar Runner - Join Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Mad, The Cheat, and a cast of dozens for a bit of internet funny business.

HungryGirl - Womanned by a former Weight Watchers member, this site offers fun, funny, and funky commentary on food. HungryGirl gives you the inside skinny on various diet foods, and chews the fat about the not so smart options in your grocery or restaurant of choice. She does reviews of new foods and health/diet products, passes along diet news, tricks and tips to cut calories, and is just downright fun to read even if you're not particularly watching your waist.

My LiveJournal - My personal corner on LiveJournal, which is light on the navel gazing, heavy on the recommendations for other people's fic. I put all my recommendations here, and it's pretty heavy on the VikFic and the Viktor/Hermione fic, if you're into that sort of thing. If you're not... what the heck are you doing here? Occasionally, I also post other things that make me laugh or that I find interesting.

Not Always Right - Sometimes, the customer is so not right that it's scary. Harrowing and hilarious tales of customer service from the service side.

Passive Aggressive Notes - Submitted notes that contain the curious mix of passivity and aggressiveness. Part hilarity, part profanity, part psychology study.

Photoshop Disasters - More or less Cake Wrecks for professional Photoshop jobs. See terrible abuse of layers and cloning, and impossible anatomy!

Sergeant Majorette - Not strictly a Potter site, but a lot of Potter stuff to be found. Some Potter, some pics, and Smacks Upside the Brain. She doth much Vik-fic, too, and it all has a folk music bent.

Shut Up And Run - One of the more fun and freewheeling running blogs out there. Heavy doses of self-deprecation and toilet talk.

Taxact - Need to do your taxes? Cheap as I am, but hate having to wade through complicated IRS instruction booklets full of accountantese? Then you'll probably love this site. You can sit for a freeform "interview", a la TurboTax, which walks you through entering amounts from your W2s, 1099s, 1098s and such, and the site will decipher which forms you need to file, do the math, and fill them in for you. Electronic filing with the IRS for your federal forms is completely free. The option to automatically transfer your interview answers to the necessary state forms and electonic filing for the state (if available in your state) is, at the time of this writing, less than $20. Well worth it for the time it saved me and the ease of use. A nice "budget" option. This year, I'm not giving the IRS a chance to lose my W2 and credit my personal check to the wrong account... I paid online, too.

Tough Pigs - A Muppets fansite that is definitely not aimed primarily at the kiddies. Covers any and all things Muppet-related, with a healthy dose of humor. The Muppet Anthology will take you right back to your preschool years, when you enjoyed nothing better than settling down for an episode of Sesame Street, or a bit later, when The Muppet Show was the height of hilarity. And it will probably make you admit that both of those things still hold true. A loving tribute to the Hensons and everything felt, furry, fuzzy, funny, and downright fantastic they've presented us with over the years.

Watch Farscape - John Crichton. Aeryn Sun. He's human. She's not. And you thought your relationship had problems? Farscape. Sex, Love, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Sci-Fi at its finest. Connect with other fans from around the world.

What Not To Crochet - Such a simple concept, yet so funny. Feel the fug as this blog shares some of the most hilarious, horriffic and downright head-scratching crochet patterns you've ever seen. Put down the fun fur...

What Should I Read Next? - Brilliantly simple or simply brilliant concept. Possibly both. Sort of like a simplified "Pandora" for your reading needs. Without registering, you can enter a single book and see what recommendations it generates, based on the "favorite" lists of other readers. Register with your email address and maintain your own extensive list, generate recommendations for other readers, and choose multiple books as the jumping off point for new picks. Guess who immediately put pretty much every Pratchett book ever written on her list? You can also put books on the "exclude" list to further fine tune your likes and dislikes.