Doctor Lawn Computer Color

Doctor Lawn - Computer Color

Good old Doctor John "Mossy" Lawn toward the end of Night Watch. He's probably one of my absolute favorite secondary characters, so I'm glad he keeps popping up in later books, as well. I'm still massively tickled by the idea of the poor doctor having his cookery interrupted by naked madmen babbling about childbirth and gawping at your method of basting the turkey. You have to like him, if for no other reason than the fact that he's very nearly more cynical than Vimes. I finally realized while trying to get Doctor Lawn on paper who it is I keep picturing in my head when reading Doctor Lawn. He's sort of an older Doctor Stephen Maturin from Master and Commander in my head.

Every time I think of the "Stuff the turkey!" "I already have!" exchange, it makes me laugh out loud.