Baby Harry (Pencil)

Baby Harry (pencil)

In the spirit of trying something new on a regular basis, I've started fiddling around with some of the pencil sketch lessons from, an art instruction site. I have to say, the site is pretty excellent, so far. A subscription to all or most of the lessons costs money, but the lessons actually answer the questions "What's the difference between 2B and not 2B? Why do I need a kneaded eraser? For that matter, why do I knead a kneaded eraser?" and the lessons are in plain English for those of us without art degrees. Anywho, while sketching the baby profile from one of the lessons, I decided my baby looked a wee bit like a squidgy, huggable little Baby Harry, so I made his hair appropriately messy, with plenty of cowlicks. So, very rare for me, this piece is done entirely on a real, live piece of paper, with real live pencils, and was cleaned up only very, very minimally in Photoshop Elements. Normally, I may do a terribly rough sketch on a piece of paper, scan it in, and go from there, but most of the work is done on computer. I may get brave later and attempt to color it in some fashion. I'm very enamored of his widdle ear and the double chin, for some reason.