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It occurred to me a while back that, since I have some Harry Potter fanfiction on the site, it might have become necessary to add a note to the site regarding J.K. Rowling and her seeming insistence on repeatedly using her Twitter platform to do real, active harm to transgender folks, allegedly in the “defense” of cisgender women. Knowing exactly WHAT to write was much, much harder.

Terry Pratchett would likely allow me the small joke that he’s not terribly active on Twitter these days on account of being, regrettably, still dead. GNU, Sir Terry. By the way, if you’re a Potter fan and you’ve not yet been introduced to the joy that is Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, by all means, try him. It’s wonderfully written comedic fantasy that also has emotional wham lines that will hit you like a truck. I have hysterically cry-laughed within the same paragraph. Don’t be scared off by how many books there are. Start with Mort or Guards! Guards! and go in chronological order in subseries or just publication order. Mort kicks off the Death subseries, Guards! Guards! begins the City Watch series. Or at least do yourself the favor of reading the City Watch books in order for the glory of Sybil Ramkin and Sam Vimes. You’re welcome. Discworld is diverse and LGBTQ+ friendly. He’s wonderful at writing women of all sorts. He gets better and better with each book. He’s not currently being Problematic On Twitter. And in the unlikely event that he pulls a Reg Shoe, I wouldn’t expect him to start.

By the time I post this, you may also have seen the Internet Kerfuffle™ over a large number of entirely clueless folks trying to claim Terry would have agreed with them, and Discworld fans, collectively, channeling their best Granny Weatherwax impression, telling them we can’t be having with this. Not only did Terry write a number of characters and plot lines that can easily be seen as something of a parallel to/metaphor for the trans experience (Cheery Littlebottom), he wrote an entire damned book where there is a very explicitly a transgender character, no interpretive wiggle room, thanks very much. And I think 90% of the reason you haven’t seen that book/character mentioned nearly as often as Cheery in said Kerfuffle is because, look, it’s a really awesome book and a really awesome character and it’s a delight to discover it organically while reading.

One of the immense pleasures of the last few extremely cruddy years has been getting to re-experience the Discworld books after introducing a dear friend to them. A dear friend who, as it happens, is transgender. She had only come out fully not-quite-a-year before encountering Cheery. She was (as I expected) rather delighted by Cheery’s storyline and I can hardly wait for her to read the other book. The one I hate to spoil. The one where its “transgender character” isn’t subtext any more… it’s just… TEXT.

And because life is nothing if not complicated, said friend is also a Harry Potter fan. Neither of us, obviously, are fans of Rowling’s recent behavior. I’m rather ticked off that Rowling claims “90% of her fans agree with her”. Um, no ma’am, you are definitely NOT speaking for me when you seemingly act as though transgender women pose a threat of some kind to cisgender women’s rights. You just have the platform of an extremely wealthy author and threaten others with legal action when they point out said nasty behavior. You’re just spouting this stuff into a bigger megaphone. Beats me why you would want to use it to actively hurt people, many of whom were fans, but here we are. An author wrote some quite nice YA books and apparently some of the themes in them about love and acceptance and prejudice somehow whizzed on by. We’ve been here before. Looking at you, Orson Scott Card.

I’m always going to have something of a fond spot for the books themselves because, if nothing else, Harry Potter fandom helped introduce me to someone I consider one of my best friends, even though we’ve never actually stood on the same continent. I’m sure not going to be putting any of my money in her pockets from this point forward and I can easily recommend other books, though. Not a penny to anything Rowling has had a creative hand in, for me. (If that’s not where you land, that’s fine, it’s just not something I prefer to put *my* money into.) I pretty heavily considered yanking down all the Potter-related fics because it feels uncomfortably close to “promoting” her, amplifying the harmful statements she’s been making, thinly veiled as “just asking questions” or “protecting cisgender women”. I’ve only held back because… well, our relationships with authors and their works are often complicated. An author that actively harms in their public conduct may also write the exact thing/characters we needed to read at some point in our lives. I can’t possibly put it into words better than this.

Please see the Tiffany Aching series for all your YA magical book needs if you’re not comfortable reading Rowling's books. The Tiffany books are infinitely better written in my opinion. For a start, the author didn’t feel the need to continually amend them for the next decade plus via the medium of interviews and Twitter. "She couldn’t be the prince, and she’d never be a princess, and she didn’t want to be a woodcutter, so she’d be the witch and know things, just like Granny Aching—"

Hopefully there’s zero confusion on my personal stance on these points. Transgender women are women. Transgender men are men. Supporting transgender rights, access to medical treatment, access to public spaces, and gender-inclusive language does nothing whatsoever to harm, lessen, or diminish my rights as a cisgender woman. Attacking transgender people, particularly transgender women, via “imaginary threatening scenario that has nothing whatsoever to do with transgender women” isn’t something I want done in the name of “protecting me” or “keeping me safe”. It’s not like there’s a shortage of human rights out there, there’s plenty to go around. We’ve got an infinite supply. You can, amazingly enough, acknowledge that not everyone who gives birth identifies as a woman and STILL be totally against people having negative birth experiences due to poor treatment or even abuse. WE CAN DO BOTH.

So, TLDR: I’m hopeful Rowling will eventually pull her head out of wherever she’s currently got it wedged. Until then, I’ll point out that back in 2005, she claimed she hadn’t realized Harry Potter was supposedly fantasy. Perhaps after she’s completely worked that out, she’ll realize that the idea that acknowledging transgender rights (and existence) somehow “threatens” women’s rights is every bit as much a fantasy as the books.

I leave you with the delightfully snarky comment Sir Terry had on the idea that Potter being “fantasy” was somehow a surprise to the author.

"I would have thought that the wizards, witches, trolls, unicorns, hidden worlds, jumping chocolate frogs, owl mail, magic food, ghosts, broomsticks and spells would have given her a clue?" – Terry Pratchett

A Bit Of A Cold Fish


A donor very kindly offered up some money for Run Like You Stole It and gave me a fic prompt. The resulting fic, Bit Of A Cold Fish hath been added to the Fanfic Page.

Patients Wearing Thin


For anyone who might actually give a rip, I'm once again doing a distance challenge for charity-type and healthy-type purposes. I intend to Run Like You Stole It in 2012, for a total of 1200 miles. Once again, if you would like to donate, you not only get a tax break, if you would like, I would gladly take a prompt request in return. Also, I have written again, inspired quite a lot by Snuff. I don't know why, but the natural philosophy stylings of one of the young characters made me feel strongly he might have a future in medicine, and therefore, Patients Wearing Thin happened.

Always Meme, Meme, Meme


I found a few minutes to get back to putting my Music Memes here on the site. Check the bottom of the Fanfiction or catch a direct flight to Music Meme 2

Auntie Meme!


In the interest of completeness, I've actually moved forward on putting my Music Memes here on the site. Check the bottom of the Fanfiction or Pass Go and Collect $200 for Music Meme 1

The Tiniest Thing I've Ever Written


There's an itty-bitty humor fic from the Discworld realm called Congratulations now in the Fanfiction section. I would suggest taking the direct route, or at least hitting Ctrl-End to get to it, because otherwise, the scroll down may take you longer than reading it.

The Glorious 25th!


To help celebrate Towel Day and Wear The Lilac Day (a.k.a. The Glorious 25th of May, a.k.a Young Sam Vimes's birthday), I've added Paying A Debt to the Fanfiction section. It wasn't quite planned to coincide this well, but it's definitely a happy accident that I was bitten by the writing bug on this long-dormant fic. Er... on second thought, I totally planned it that way, guv.

Twoflower Amigurumi


Rincewind now has a touristy little companion in Twoflower. After some living and learning and trial and error, the little Agatean who <3s Anhk-Morpork is with us in the... fiber.

Rincewind Amigurumi


A rather different kind of fanart, in crochet. I've done a little amigurumi Rincewind, and managed to snap a picture for the Fanart page before he ran away screaming something about the teeth, the horrible teeth or some such...

Maison En Flambe


, a piece of Discworld fanart, has been tucked into the page, mostly to get it off my "To Do" list and to prove I Aten't Dead.

The Bit With Mavis Trouncer


Barely two weeks out and I've already completed my first Donation Appreciation Fic. The new fic The Bit With Mavis Trouncer has been posted as a thank you for Roruna's kind donation to the cause.

They Say You Want A Resolution


New year, new fanfic! Someone prompted me to write a little more about the conversation between Fred Colon and Sam Vimes referenced in Bad Day, so I did. The result, Telling, has been added to the Fanfiction page. Possible minor book spoilers through The Fifth Elephant, I suppose.

Also, in other news, I'm setting myself a Discworld-related New Year's resolution, to run the equivalent of the distance (according to Wikipedia, anyway) from Ankh-Morpork to Lancre. In addition to getting myself into almost Rincewind-proportion fleeing shape, I'm raising money and awareness for Free Wheelchair Mission. You can learn more about this charity, my resolution and donate directly to the cause, if you feel so inclined, by visiting my footnote-laden fundraising page. Your donation goes directly to the charity, not me, and is of course, tax-deductible and all that jazz.

Hopefully you've gotten enough enjoyment out of the site and are sufficiently moved by the work this charity does that you're willing to at least consider a small donation by the end of the year. I don't offer bribes above the level of "beer and doughnuts", which not even Commander Vimes would consider bribery. Since I can't email you a beer and a doughnut, I'm offering writing. Should you feel like pledging a donation and would like a bit of a personalized thank you in form of fanfic to go with your warm fuzzies, contact me with your fic prompt and I'll probably give it a whirl.

Now, for the fine print, sort of. Some people, I gather, enjoy prompting other writers. Consider this kind of like going to a piano bar. Without the piano, the inevitable request for "Linus and Lucy" and the brandy snifter for tips. You're obviously not obligated to make the donation right away, you've got all of 2011 rattle your drawers for Anoia and scare up some loose change if you like. I reserve the right to politely decline if I just can't see myself writing your fic prompt convincingly. Anyone scouting around my fanfic page will probably be able to tell what I'm likely to write. Obviously I've got a bit of thing of late for Discworld in general and the Vimeses in particular and I'm kind of attached to canon, so I'm highly unlikely to be willing to write, say, Sam leaving Sybil for Rincewind. It can be as simple as "Hey, do another of those Discworld music memes like you posted on Livejournal ages ago." or "Gimme shmoop involving Granny Weatherwax and Mustrum Ridcully." You can toss me some random words and some characters. You can specify that it's a different Trouser Leg of Time. You can head me toward an existing community prompt or challenge. You can point me to a particular song or picture as a prompt. I'll probably consider darned near anything that seems plausible or workable to me, though I might have to let it marinate for a while before I get any ideas. It seems like good fun, it gives me a chance to thank you, it might spark some interesting writing and it gives the honor system a bit of an airing. The little ole contact link up there at the top works and I promise, I check email frequently.



Added a not particularly light and sunny Discworld fic called Unwound to the Fanfiction area. If you're massively anti-spoilers and haven't read all of the City Watch books, you might want to hold off on reading this one.

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Finally got the entire site converted to the new layout (I think) and added Bad Day to the Fanfiction section. I found Hormonal!Sybil way too much fun to write.

Doctor Lawn and Housekeeping


Added to the section. There's a touch of a spoiler there if you haven't read Night Watch and later books.

And... erm... obviously I'm in the midst of redoing the site design. The site will probably end up being streamlined a tad and of course, it's going to have a new look and color scheme. I'm a bit bored with the old one, so I thought it high time to shuffle things around a bit. Everything should still work, I hope, with no borked links, but if you spot one that hasn't been rectified, let me know.

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